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Why Us!


We at Techive just don’t develop projects, we develop projects to make success stories. We do web development, web designing, SEO, SMO, PPC, Digital Marketing, mobile app development. We start by understanding your needs and then develop and deliver complete online solutions which create an opportunity of growth and transformation for businesses.

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We are a team of experts in Website design and development. We develop websites, portals that becomes backbone of a complete business strategy. At Techive we develop complex websites using secured frameworks like Laravel, Wordpress, etc. We help develop static websites as well as Dynamic websites with extensive dashboards.

  • Get Domain And Hosting
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  • Content Writing
  • Static Web Design
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  • E-commerce Website
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Mobile-App Development

Mobile apps for your business needs is the new talk of the town. A reporting mechanism for your staff or a customer centric product showcase, you can do it all through a mobile app. Let not time fly, make the use of most advanced and easiest way of getting in touch with the people who are important for you. Get your app developed and uploaded on the play store and reach out to the world.

Whatever your business, a mobile app will provide you with a number of benefits!



Educational Content

Content development services for educational publishers of different genres. Our experienced team of editors and subject writers is capable of handling projects ranging from kindergarten to post graduation. It can be a complete series of books pertaining to a specific syllabus or a single book for a specific course. Complete reading and learning material for distance education courses or support material for teachers we can do it all.

Web content

For businesses and individuals looking for a strong presence on web, updated content with a clear message and lot of conviction is the most important task to achieve. This sure is not the job of product developers, researchers, coders, etc Reach out to us to get the most customer centric, web friendly content to promote your product and services on the web.


Digital Marketing

best in the industries

Innovative digital marketing strategies to create an opportunity of exponential growth for your business and outpace your competition. A highly passionate team of strategists and digital marketers capable of creating high brand value online and reaching the right customers. Getting your website up in the rankings, regional promotions, running paid campaigns, sending bulk emails, blogging etc we do it all for you.

Digital marketing helps you achieve all the basic goals of business growth and expansion. These goals may be very briefly classified as

  • Lead Generation
  • Sales
  • Brand Awareness
  • Recognition


The Beginner's Guide to Digital Marketing

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Dont work blindly. Choose right audience, that matters to your business. Not all social networking sites are for you.

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What is new in Digital Marketing? Nothing and Everything.

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Be Real!! You can buy space on Screen but not in hearts.

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People are not able to reach you blogs, content, etc. You are on a wrong train!! SORRY!!!!!

Experience Digital Marketing. Experience Growth. Download Our Digital Marketing brochure and get to know us better.

Content is the King. Yes, It's a fact.

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