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What We Do?

Digital Marketing involves many techniques and is an expert’s job for sure. Digital Marketing team at Techive offers a unique mix of SEO and SMO experts, Content writer, an expert in email marketing, an experienced professional to run Google adwords and Facebook ad campaigns and most importantly a strategist to observe market trends, track competition, set plans and to make sure that we reach to the most targeted audience each time.

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We are proven subject matter experts in B2B and B2C marketing strategies and tactics. We leverage data to help you make the best possible marketing decisions.

Do People know you?

Wait! Have you really told anyone about your business yet? Well it all sounds good but is not at all possible without making your presence strongly felt in this overly cluttered but extremely important virtual world called internet. We do


Search Engine Optimization


Social Media Optimization & Marketing


Search Engine Marketing

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How do we do it

We at Techive follow a unique, self- developed and devised model for each of the Digital Marketing assignments we take up.


Clients perspective

We begin withWHAT (target sales, goal), WHO (target audience), WHERE (target location).


Keyword Research

Finding out the most appropriate keywords which arehigh on volume search and leads you to the right clients.


Website Optimization

Website analysis, bugs fixing, response time optimization, SSL integration, etc. The aura is set to hold on the clients.


Content Development

Content is the king. A digital marketing expert without content will only be as good as a gun without bullets.


Social Media Optimization

Social Media presence on all the important platforms is ensured and a continuous touch and interaction is maintained via posts, blogs, infographics, etc.


Lead generation and conversion

Lead generation is taken care using email marketing, SMS marketing, different portals.

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Be Real!! You can buy space on Screen but not in hearts.

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