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Top 10 Free Business Listing Sites in India

Top 10 Free Business Listing Sites in India

For every business it is extremely important to be get seen and to be found easily on the web. Business listings in local directories play an important role in expanding your reach on the web. Online business directories have now moved on from “good to have” to “must have” and can no longer be ignored. What business listing does is that it creates multiple platforms for your Name, Address and Phone number (NAP) to be accessed by potential customers. With the increasing trust of consumers in the customer reviews and the strong online presence local business listings are a must.

  • It allows potential customers to reach you while searching for the services, products, facilities you are offering without even knowing your name.
  • A strong and complete business listing has high chances of taking the visitor to your website. Once that is done a smart website would take the details of the visitor thus generating a potential lead for you.
  • Free business listings have potential to attract and redirect traffic to your websites but make sure you manage your listings and engage with your visitors regularly.

If you are taking services of a professional digital marketing agency then its definitely their job to do. Or else otherwise also you can try doing it on your own at least on free business listing websites. Here for your convenience we have compiled a list of top 10 free business listing sites in India. Well ! to begin with this will definitely make a good choice.

Top 10 Free Business Listing Sites in India

S.NO Business Listing Sites DA PA Moz Rank
1 91 70 7
2 85 71 7.1
3 78 71 7.1
4 77 61 6.1
5 75 55 5.5
6 60 59 5.9
7 41 51 5.1
8 38 49 4.9
9 34 38 3.8
10 31 50 5

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How to set up correct business listing in India

How to set up correct business listing in India

Business listings are important but what’s more important is listing your business correctly. A good and correct business listing not only increases traffic on your website it also affects your search engine rankings. A good business listing with all the information fields correctly filled ensures that you are easily found by your potential customers and also gets you good reviews. While listing your business on any directory whether free or paid to make sure to fill the following information correctly.
Consistency and similarity in Business name across all the listings is a must. It is required to avoid losing potential customers and also to avoid confusion. For example, if you have listed your business as “ Brainmate educational publishers Pvt Ltd.” On Google business listing do not list it as “Brainmate Pvt ltd” on any other business listing.
An accurate and complete address in directory listings helps you come up in local searches. Make sure to provide each and every detail of your business address including the floor, cabin number etc.
It reflects your working hours and the time you are operational. While listing makes sure to include your opening and closing time. For better engagement with your visitors always update your holidays as you would never want a customer to visit your office on a day when you are not working.
Phone Number
Since the mobile phones have gained in reach people want to immediately get in touch with the listing they are viewing. Moreover, many business listing websites provide the tap to call feature which makes it easier for the customers to reach you. So, having a correct and operational mobile number is of extreme importance. Also, the person taking the calls should be well informed about the business.
Do include your web address if you have one. Having a running and updated website increases your credibility. It also provides your potential customers with a detailed perspective of your company before they actually contact you.
Include real and actual pictures of your business wherever possible. Including photos of your business place, products, your team and even customers gives your potential customers a well-perceived insight into your business. It also increases the chances of the customer contacting you.
This is extremely important if your business does not include and reflect the name of the product and services you are offering. It is mostly the products and services People search for so for your business to come up in their search results make sure to correctly define categories and subcategories wherever possible.
For a listing platform that asks you to write a brief description of your business, make sure to keep it concise and straightforward. Also, use language and words that your potential customers are most likely to use while searching for your products and services. Online directories have become a fast-paced engine for the growth of small businesses. These listings not only increase your online visibility but also help build your reputation. You can at least start with top free business listing websites of India with Google My business as your top priority.
The business listing, especially on free portals, cannot be overlooked in this digital era. So if you are not comfortable doing it better take services of a professional digital marketing agency to get it done.

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