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Many a times a powerful product from an enterprise fails to make it big, primarily because the promoters of the product struggle to make a sales pitch strong enough and fail to convey the core idea "Why to buy this product"

It is in fact hard for anyone. Researchers and developers are not bound to be good promoters. Its an experts job for sure. With our experienced team of content developers, editors and business analysts we deliver content which is sure to hit the right audience and make an impact.

We start by thoroughly understanding your business to the point that we are completely aware of even the slightest of details. Thereafter we harbor knowledge about tastes and preferences of our target customer and then get down to pen the content that will make the visitors not only read but click and end up contacting the promoters.

How we do

Pay per is the best model to get the work done. We associate ourselves with our clients like a virtual cofounder gaining knowledge at each and every step of the organizational process. Developing and delivering content for different business demands: product Promotion, media, web, etc using the pay per model allows to maintain complete transparency and fluency in the work.

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educational content


Development of Educational content is the first and foremost service TECHIVE started providing. With an experienced team of editors, subject experts, designers, typesetters and illustrators we have developed content for different genres and different publications and universities. Books for children, secondary and higher education, text books, help books, activity books we have done it all.

School books based on NCERT and NCF(National Curriculum framework) issued by CBSE have been developed and published by publications of high repute. Development of content for Higher education books is definitely a job of an experienced subject expert. A team of highly experienced academicians coupled with a strong editorial team is fully capable of delivering most apt and updated reading material for students.

At Techive we always emphasize on making our content as interesting as possible. Use of internet and high quality reference material allows us to add those extra bits of informative content which makes reading more fun and engrossing.

What We Do



The tender years of learning presented with high quality illustrations with to the point subject matter focusing more on exercises and activity based learning.


Higher Education

With variety in subjects and syllabus and varied demands we can provide you all; text books, help books, books for government supply, distance education material among others.


Design and Development

Not only content development but complete design and development of the book to provide you with a ready to print CD of the book.



Print on demand or the printed books in quality and numbers of your choice.


Arts and Illustration

Want to enhance the look of the content, compliment it with colorful illustrations and artwork to best define your content through pictures.


Content for digital media

Make your presence felt in the virtual world, get in touch with our experts to provide you with most hard hitting blogs and articles to feature in your website updates.


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