Top 10 Free Business Listing Sites in India


For every business it is extremely important to be get seen and to be found easily on the web. Business listings in local directories play an important role in expanding your reach on the web. Online business directories have now moved on from “good to have” to “must have” and can no longer be ignored. What business listing does is that it creates multiple platforms for your Name, Address and Phone number (NAP) to be accessed by potential customers. With the increasing trust of consumers in the customer reviews and the strong online presence local business listings are a must.

  • It allows potential customers to reach you while searching for the services, products, facilities you are offering without even knowing your name.
  • A strong and complete business listing has high chances of taking the visitor to your website. Once that is done a smart website would take the details of the visitor thus generating a potential lead for you.
  • Free business listings have potential to attract and redirect traffic to your websites but make sure you manage your listings and engage with your visitors regularly.

If you are taking services of a professional digital marketing agency then its definitely their job to do. Or else otherwise also you can try doing it on your own at least on free business listing websites. Here for your convenience we have compiled a list of top 10 free business listing sites in India. Well ! to begin with this will definitely make a good choice.

Top 10 Free Business Listing Sites in India

S.NO Business Listing Sites DA PA Moz Rank
1 91 70 7
2 85 71 7.1
3 78 71 7.1
4 77 61 6.1
5 75 55 5.5
6 60 59 5.9
7 41 51 5.1
8 38 49 4.9
9 34 38 3.8
10 31 50 5

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All you need to know How Digital Marketing Works in Business

All you need to know How Digital Marketing Works in Business

Setting up a business and getting the website up and running is like making yourself eligible for a race. The race which can take you places in the years to come. You can have the whole world interacting and transacting with you, business touching new heights day by day and breaking every record set by your forefathers. 

Having a website up and running is not all. You have to make sure you get the right visitors on it. This is what digital marketing does. It involves many techniques and is an expert’s job for sure. 

A digital Marketing company any should undertake all the verticals involved with the core objective of getting the website move up on the search engine rankings. It takes time and is something which has to be taken up continuously. It is not like where you go for it only for a month or two and then pack up the bags. 

Each and every digital marketing agency claims that it will eventually get your website on the first page of search engine results. Yes, it can be done but only If they have the right team in place. An SEO and SMO expert cannot write content neither they can devise strategies. SEO and SMO guys are technical people whose job is to implement and execute and most importantly generate reports.  A digital marketing team has to have every member an expert in his individual domain. 

We at Techive follow a unique, self- developed and devised a model for each of the Digital Marketing assignments we take up.

1. Clients perspective

Before embarking on any sort of strategy development we need to have a thorough understanding of our client’s perspective of doing digital marketing. 

This involves:

  • WHO- Clearly define the target audience for each page of the Website.
  • Where- Do mentions if any specific country, state or city is to be targeted.
  • When- If it’s a seasonal business tell us the time when to go aggressive and when to lie low.

2. Keyword Research

This involves finding out the most appropriate keywords for each page of the website. Each and every keyword is such that it a fine mix of low competition but high on volume search.  

3. Website Optimization

After having generated the keywords the website is thoroughly analyzed for any sort of issues. The issues can be as small as website response time or as critical as inappropriate content on the website. All the issues found on the website are fixed and updated.

4. Content Development

Content is the king. For any sort of digital marketing, strategy content plays the most important role. A digital marketing expert without content will only be as good as a gun without bullets. The content on the website is first optimized to include all the keywords and then content for various listings and submissions is developed to divert traffic to the website.

5. Social Media Optimization:

Social Media presence on all the important platforms is ensured and a continuous touch and interaction are maintained via posts, blogs, infographics, etc. It is an important medium of promotion and is strongly emphasized in all our offerings. 

6. Lead generation and conversion:

Lead generation is the process of getting a viewer on a website and right up to the page where he fills up his details. Conversion can take place in many forms depending on the nature of business and website.

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FAQ for Social Media Marketing

FAQ for Social Media Marketing

What are the benefits of social media marketing for a company?

Social media has transformed itself into a most effective way of reaching a large pool of audiences and finding prospective clients. With over a billion people using different forms of social media it has completely changed the way people make their purchase decisions. Being accessible to your clients- via social media is a vital means of developing relationships and increasing trust and credibility among the clients.

#1- How should companies measure their social media marketing success?

Success for your social media marketing is measured using the same parameters as for any other digital marketing activity: traffic, leads and customers. An increase in number of followers on social media profiles will help you understand your increased reach. Keeping a track on the increased number of visitors on the website, number of people filling up the enquiry form or contacting you qualifies as the leads and out of these the people who end up doing business with you are your customers generated from a social media drive.

#2- How much does social media marketing cost? What’s the ROI?

Any digital marketing activity taken up to generate more business can never be free. The expenditure can be in form of time, resources, or money. you can either ask your existing employee to do it for you, hire a social media expert, or outsource it to a digital marketing agency there will always be a cost. The more is to get the maximum out of it. ROI is always there but it is important to note that ROI is not always in form of revenue. It can be in form of more visitors, getting new leads, increasing followers, more number of happy and satisfied customers. The ROI you end up with is the direct result of your social media marketing strategy.

#3- Which social media platforms should I target for my business?

One fit doesn’t suit all is the notion which holds true for marketing strategy of any business. While going for social media marketing you have to make sure you are present on all the platforms where your competitors and audiences are. One set of audience might be overly active on facebook while others spend their time socializing on linkedin. Find out where your customers are and ensure a string presence there.

#4- How do I take care of the negative reviews being posted on social media platforms about my business?

Taking control of your brand and business on social media isn’t really possible. It’s a free to express platform where anyone and everyone can speak. But the good thing is at least you get to know the person who has written a negative review and what exactly has he written unlike in the physical world. The best way to handle these situations is to engage in a conversation. You can be apologetic, rectify the mistake or clarify the misunderstanding if any. This gesture of your will create an immensely positive environment among all the people who are reviewing and following your business.

#5- How much time does social media marketing takes to start showing up result?

There is no specific countdown to tell in how much time your social media marketing will start showing results. It depends on a lot of factors: the intensity of competition your business faces, the amount of time and effort you are devoting, your budget, knowledge of the person doing social media marketing for you, number of platforms you are targeting and most importantly originality and the variety of the content you are putting in. Regardless of all these its important to remember that social media is such an important platform of reaching your potential customers that you cannot afford to miss it.

#6- What are common social media marketing mistakes businesses make?

The worst mistake is inconsistency- only posting occasionally and not responding to your followers and customers’ hits you hard on social media. Another mistake is not engaging in discussions with your followers. Communication can never be one way. Things will not work if you keep on posting and harping about your business and do not engage in any sort of discussions and commenting with your audience. 

#7- Is mail marketing still effective as compared to social media marketing?

E mail marketing still holds the top place when it comes to finding out the most effective way of reaching a customer directly. Imagine a situation wherein you have updated something new on your website and now you are waiting for the visitors to come or you have posted on social media and hoping your followers will see it. Instead you are sending something directly into a person’s inbox where he or she will definitely see it. Even if they don’t open it at least they will see the subject line and company’s name each time.

#8- I have a B2C business where in my customers directly walk into my store and purchase the goods only after seeing and relating to it. Do I really require social media marketing?

Business have evolved and so has the consumer behavior. As per the marketing analysts tracking purchase decisions in giant specialty stores for years “A consumer when he even decides to visit a particular store has already made up half his mind whether he will make a purchase from there or not”. The rest half is taken up by the store ambience, product quality and variety, sales force presentation, behaviour and knowledge. So its really important that you are in the positive frame of mind of your customers even before they enter the store. Or who knows your strong online presence only might have encouraged them to come and visit your store.  

#10- What are the general “keep in mind” points for social media success?

Post consistently and engage with your audience. Always post original content which truly reflects your business. Post informative content which benefits your audience and increases their knowledge of your business. Don’t emphasize on sale purchase instead just try to connect and build up a loyal follower base. Be creative and crisp with your posts people don’t have time to read long stories.  

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Digital Marketing Strategy of 2019

Digital Marketing Strategy of 2019

  • Why only the first page?
  • How does first-page ranking benefit your business?
  • Various ways you can use to get to the top of Google
  • Optimizing your website to get on the first page of Google


Why only the first page?

The most powerful of all search engines Google is used by over 4 million people per minute. It uses a mix of complex algorithms to crawl the web and to determine which pages are most relevant to its users for any topic you can think of under the sun. It can be rightly said if it’s on the web it’s within the reach of Google.

Results by Google affect your smallest to biggest of decisions right throughout the day. People rely on Google results and are immensely influenced by them. With such a commanding position and the strong influence, Google has you certainly cannot take the risk of avoiding it. 

In a layman’s language getting your website on Google’s first page is like having a multi-storey showroom at a peak commercial location in the town. Such visibility is bound to attract traffic and generate leads.

The large number of results that Google comes up with it might seem unrealistic to get your business on the first page of Google. However, it is this very Commanding power that Google has makes it possible for website owners to get on the first page of Google. Well just to begin with among so many other techniques Google itself provides you with so many tools which makes it a lot more easier for your website to appear on the first page of Google results.


How does first-page ranking benefit your business?

Google approximately gives you 10 results per page and at the bottom of the search window, you can see the number of pages Google has come up with its results. So getting your business on the first page of the Google 

  • Improves your visibility: This means more people get to see your business
  • Generate more leads: If you are getting on the first page for the keywords that are ideal to your customers you are sure to get consumers who have intent to buy or engage.
  • Increase Engagement: A research shows that 81% of shoppers conduct online research before buying and Google attracts 90% of this search traffic. The first page results entice the visitors to contact the businesses which they feel can fulfil their requirement.
  • Earns Trust: Getting on the first page of Google earns you a mark of trust and respect. Google algorithms are designed to identify and remove suspicious and spam content so if you are getting on the first page it means Google trusts you thereby increasing the trust of the visitors.

Various ways you can use to get on the first page of Google 

There’s a lot of stuff already floating on the internet but Google looks out only for quality and not quantity. It uses a mix of many complex algorithms to rank websites but it also has many different components which lookout for different types of media to rank a website. So, the various ways you can use to achieve the first-page status can be:

  • Google My Business listing is important for any business. A complete and Google verified business listing with all the information duly 
  • Blog posts with original and updated content to divert traffic to your website.
  • Google Ad Words- A little amount of money with custom ads run by a professional Digital Marketing Agency to make sure that your business is right there at the top when it matters most.  
  • Snippets of your website content in different search results of Google increases your visibility. This can be achieved through with listings on highly acknowledged business and classified listing websites.
  • A search engine friendly Website with all the website pages aligned with the search engine ranking factors.

Optimizing your website to get on the first page of Google

Getting a search engine aligned website is the first and foremost step of any digital marketing strategy your team is planning to put in place. This is also called Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Here’s a brief on how you can do it:

  • Determine your keywords for each and every page of the website. Make sure these keywords are included in your content on the website. The keywords can be short or long phrases or both.
  • Make sure each page has a different set of keywords so that pages are not competing among themselves for space.
  • Make sure the keywords are rightfully included in the Title, Meta Description, URL and ALT Tags of each page of your website
  • Provide the correct location of your business place on Google Maps as well as under the Contact us Tab to target location-based Queries.
  • Make sure your website is optimized for mobiles.
  • Make sure the layout and designing of your website are well in place with your target audience. Keep your user interface simple and attractive for better audience retention.


Getting on the first page of Google and especially on the top of rankings is something which every business wants. It takes efforts, time and in-depth knowledge but it is one of the most important things which you should do for your business. You can try doing it on your own but for better and timely results I would suggest getting in touch with a digital marketing expert. Maybe a  digital marketing company  having a team of experts for SEO, SMO, Google Ad words, etc. By doing so you will definitely get the visibility your business deserves.    

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